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Welcome to Jims World. Come on in and let's visit. In the following pages you will read about Jims World and read Jims Poems. The reason for this site is to reflect the thoughts and emotions of, not just me, but each person who enters Jims World.I know you, whoever you are, will find something to your liking.


In the following pages, you will meet members of my family and read many different kinds of songs and poems. Every song and poem was written by me. Some reflect my own emotions and were written as the result of some personal experience. Others were written because I just wanted to write something.

For some of you, reading these poems will take you on a trip to somewhere else. Others may be content to stay home. No one will be bored. (I hope)

Jim and his Twelve String Framus

From time to time I will update the content of this site. You will meet members of my family and experience many different works of poetry. The songs and poems are all figments of my fertile imagination.

Now I have added another page,"My Talks With God~A Tribute to Rebecca." I hope you will read it.

Now, come on in and enjoy!!!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site at: jcadla@sbcglobal.net

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